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Friday, March 25, 2011

#77) Botanical Building, Balboa Park

Our internet SUCKS. I missed posting yesterday because it was down... AGAIN. Today, I took my kids to their theatre/acting class in Balboa Park. We get there early every week and today, we parked behind the Botanical Building which is right up against the zoo an also next to The Old Globe Theatre.
Behind theBotanical Building, off of Old Globe Way:

Same place, different view:

Front of the Botanical Building:

Amazing Orchid:

Other Amazing Orchid:


  1. If you look at the second picture, with the tree (enlarge it by clicking on it) you can see how huge the tree is by looking at my daughter sitting on the roots of the tree in the bottom, right corner.

    Yes, the flowers are really pretty. The light was very good in the building while I was there - but there were lots and lots of people. I don't like crowds.

  2. I didn't notice your daughter there.