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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

#56) More From the Produce Market

Today was pretty dull. I didn't take any pictures... BUT, I have a few more shots from the produce market. Ian did a great job and I thought I'd share a few more.





  1. A photo a day sounds easy but it's a challenge, right? :) I"ve been doing it on my B'ham blog for almost 3 years and Paris 2 1/2!! Love your tight shots of the produce. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm always interested in how new readers found me.

  2. I love that shot of the limes.

  3. Funny thing, the limes wouldn't hold still until we threatened them by waiving a citrus reamer around and telling them they would soon be in a Mexican restaurant next to the margarita glasses. Little bastards.

  4. To Virginia; I like trying to keep up with my photo a day plan. I came across your blog using the "Next blog" button. Usually I get stuck in an endless cycle of "Family" blogs which makes me wanna cry. I really liked your photos. What a great place to be for such an assignment. I loved your photo of the red umbrella and also the one of the waiter in motion.