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Thursday, March 3, 2011

#58) Cast Iron Boston Terrier Doorstop & 2 Flamingoes

That's right Hector, I said Cast Iron Boston Terrier Doorstop & 2 Flamingoes - The flamingo in the foreground is a dandy cast iron bottle opener from the 1920's - I have several more flamingoes in my office-bird-arsenal. What can I say... I have eclectic tastes and my motivations are shrouded in the antiquity of my sordid past.


  1. I think I like the other picture better. This one is not bad but something about it seems off.

  2. You make Pull Up A Chair cry. Boo hoo!

  3. I sorry....I was thinking that maybe if you try from a different angle....So the flamingo in the middle is looking at you...Or something...I mean those look cool and all though.