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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Update - Why I've been A.F.K. (Away From Keyboard)

Here is an explanation of why I haven't been keeping up with my blog this week... Reason Number (1) It all started when I spilled a drink on my Macbook Pro keyboard... Ahhhh! I shorted out the keyboard which led to a number of issues. The main problem being, that one of the keys is stuck down, canceling out all other key operations and causing every, single, document and application to open at mind numbing speed. I've been waiting for several days for the replacement keyboard to arrive from Huntsville, Alabama. I've been tracking the keyboards journey via the USPS Priority Mail Tracking System, using my iPhone (remember, my computer is not useable?) --- I've been keeping up with my email and Facebook using my iPhone but Blogger and iPhone are not really great friends. Well, I tracked the keyboard and it is on a United States Postal vehicle and is out for delivery today. Yay! But, wait... THAT'S NOT ALL... I have to wait until Monday to have the keyboard installed - A friend, who is also an Apple Tech, (Ultra-Tech-Geek) is going to do the tricky installation - Apple has a habit of using its own tooled screws for its products. They do this so people can not service their own equipment... But there is always a third party, tool & die maker, who makes a tool that works on the exotic, little screws. I have zero interest in buying the screwdriver set and taking the Macbook Pro apart. There are a whole-lot-a screws in a 15” Macbook Pro... In one article I found, it said there are 50 screws involved in replacing the keyboard. Really Apple? 50 screws?

After waiting for the internet to come back up, the USPS delivered the keyboard:

I finally realized that I could use my daughters’ Macbook but prying it from her hands is almost impossible. (I almost cried so she let me use it.)

Then, there’s another little problem. Reason Number (2) Our high-speed, internet connection has been miserable. Time warner so sucks. It drops off constantly. It is unreliable. It makes Pull Up A Chair cry. In fact, right now, as I write this, the internet is, once again, totally and officially fucked up. I had to stop writing on the Blogger® site and move the text into my word processing program and start writing my own little HTML codes for things like italics and bold which also makes Pull Up A Chair cry.

This all proves one thing. Drinking and using a laptop should never, ever, ever meet. I knew this. I did. But I did it anyway. What a moron I am. And, since Time Warner® has been a ginormous pain in the ass, I’ve been relying on my 3g on my iPhone... So guess what...???? I just now got a text from those “lovely” ROBO-people at AT&T, telling me I have used up 65% of my data plan and reminding me that wifi is free... No-shit AT&T. Tell that to Time Warner.


  1. You should never drink and drive on the Infobahn...

    WV=Inbar.....If you must drink...drink in a bar...


  2. No shit... It makes for a really bad week.