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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

#8) Simon

Cats are difficult subjects. Just when you see a great shot, they move. They seem to have a special sense in this area. I somehow managed to get this close-up of one of our cats and I didn't even have to drug him.


  1. That's a nice shot and yes I know the difficulty of getting nice shots of cats as I have one too. If you don't mind a little advice, try getting a little lower so you're not quite looking down on him.

  2. Dearest Mikoyan -
    I was down low to the ground... I was begging that cat to just hold still. He would look right at me and as soon as I snapped the camera button, he would turn his butt toward me. I was just about to give up, on my way up when he held still just long enough to get the one shot I published... I do have some terrific shots of his nether regions... Not his best angle. I hate to admit this (since it makes me sound even more crazy) We have three cats. I have a few really good pictures of them but I do not really intend to make this one of those "I love my cats" blogs.... ewwwww.