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Saturday, January 29, 2011

#30) Lonely Boy

For some reason, I like this image which does not use the person in the image as its focal point. The person is really a compliment to the rest of the picture. I converted the color photo to B&W in the photo editor which comes with iLife's, iPhoto. I also adjusted the exposure and contrast levels to make it a bit more "moody."

I missed posting yesterday. All kinds of "events" were happening and I just didn't have time to even look at my email, much less post anything on any of my blogs. I will probably post another image today to make up for yesterday. For example, yesterday, one thing that happened, I had to buy a new printer. Right in the middle of trying to print out documents for my kids school work, the HP Photosmart (P.O.S.) printer, which has always been difficult to use, decided to stop working all-together. About a month ago, it started crumpling the paper as it went through the paper feed cycle and the paper would ball up in the rollers and yet, the printer would keep printing on a ball of paper. The ink for that printer is excessively expensive (even by printer ink price standards) and I had just replaced it ($60) so I wasn't really anxious to replace the printer. I decided to contact H.P. Tech support via their on line help. I know I was typing to a person in India. After about 45 minutes of trying all the fixes they had, it became obvious that it was a hardware problem. The person who was trying their best to help suggested I buy another H.P. printer and of course my printer was out of warranty. So off I went to Fry's Electronics (We have one about 1/4 mile from our house) and bought a Canon Pixma, all-in-one inkjet printer with wifi capabilities. I set it up in about 7 to 8 minutes and then my 11 year old son set it up to use the wifi in our house. It works like a charm- Oh, it also has a scanner built into it! I paid $60 plus $20 for a 2 year replacement warranty. (Fuck you H.P.)

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  1. Interesting shot. Normally when you see a shot like this, you see the face or whatever. I like it that you are behind the person and showing what he is looking at or something.