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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

#7) Indian Corn

Indian Corn by Pull Up A Chair

Beautiful and simple
You a-maize me.
drew me to you,
In the grocery store
I bought you, just for your beauty.


  1. So are you just taking random pictures or do you have something you are following?

  2. I am not following anything. I just photograph what looks good to me at that moment. Like life... it's just by the moment.

  3. I tried a 100 days-100 photos thing...around 25 or so, I was taking pictures of my cat. Then I got inspired again....the cat...inspiration....etc....

  4. I loath cat blogs. They are nearly as annoying as the multitude of baby blogs... WTF? If I start posting cat pictures in some serious attempt to show off my cats, please... PLEASE call the blog cops. That picture of the cat was one I liked because it showed so much detail... all of his hairs and whiskers... I also liked the light.

  5. I'm not suggesting a cat blog.

    Anyways, pretty nice pictures.

  6. I laughed... (almost out loud) when I read your answer.

    I didn't think you were suggesting a cat blog.

    I think, just by looking at your blog, you would never take the time to look at such a thing.

    I am very sarcastic. It's an art form.

  7. Like I said, your comment on my page dragged me here. Your pictures will keep me here. I was more or less offering my experience becuase I know how tough it is to do a different picture a day. Although, I suppose it would be easier using my phone instead of my camera because I pretty much always have the phone with me. The camera, not so much.

  8. Well, I love your advice. And it's a lot easier using the iPhone since, like you said, It's around all the time. It's 5 mpx and has a lot of memory so I pretty much quit bringing me larger camera along when I go out. The iPhone also has a flash for those pesky darker times when you need to boost the light.