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Saturday, April 30, 2011

#104) Park Performers

The park performers are a staple of Balboa Park. This magician, Johnny Shortsleeves, is a regular:

Here is a guy who was playing some kind of Irish music. He was very enjoyable:


  1. Hey Pamela , I find I also really enjoy most of the 'street performers' in these types of environments. Occasionally they do not 'fit' , but usually.., it adds another slice of humanity and the occasional eclectic fine arts experience. But then again, my perspective is from a simple man, lacking in 'Fine Art' experiences..., lol

  2. I've been enjoying the park and its performers for most of my life. It would be a sad day, to show up and not have the buskers there to entertain. I try to make sure I can tip them too.